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La Spaziale S40 Seletron EK 2 Group (Auto Dose)

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LA SPAZIALE S40 Seletron Group 2

    • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting
    • Electronic boiler temperature control
    • Controlled thermal differential 0,5°C
    • Digital pressure sensor for boiler
    • Digital pressure sensor for water mains
    • Digital pressure sensor for pump
    • Built-in volumetric pump
    • Electronic visualization and control of water level in the boiler
    • Automatic disconnection system from electricity and water mains in case of malfunctions
    • ECONOMY function
    • Manual and automatic BOOST Function
    • Self-compensation of the boiler operating temperature according to the external ambient temperature (control of the equipment dissipation level)
    • EGS Function (Electronic Ground System)
    • Electronic temperature regulation for the cup warmer tray with 5 programmable cup temperature sets
    • Grinding degree control with signal of coarse or fine grinding
    • Signal for a too fine grinding
    • Timer for equipment automatic switch on-off
    • Counter function of delivered coffees
    • ITC Function of latest generation
    • Delivery groups and boiler washing cycle
    • Exclusive access to the programming through Service Card protected by a PIN code
    • Back up and restore system of all the equipment parameters on Service Card
    • Chronologic record of all the alarms occurred per Date and Time
    • Chronologic record of all the technical service operations, per Date and Time
    • 1 hot water outlet for infusions with 2 programmable selections (1 with adjustable temperature)
    • Control of the intervals for the scheduled maintenance program, with customer warning
    • Control of cartridge filters replacement, with customer warning
    • Chronological record of the access to programming, with the possibility to assign a personalized ID to each technician
    • Backlit graphic main display
    • Display on each delivery group indicating coffee delivery time in progress
    • Software update through Secure Digital (SD) memory card
    • Customer Card for menu access for the final user
    • Groups lighting


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