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Roasting Room

roasting coffee is a craft of the senses.

knowledge and intuition, along with a balance of timing, temperature and moisture levels ensure that we bring out the best flavours in each coffee we roast.

Our coffee is roasted on two different types of machine. A Giesen W15/A roaster, which we run along side a state of the art NEUHAUS NEOTEC roaster.

Our Giesen roaster is used to produce all of our Espresso Gold Coffee Beans, as this roaster allows us to roast in larger batches. This means we can keep up with the demand for our most popular Espresso Coffee Beans Espresso Gold.

The beautiful and intelligent NEUHAUS NEOTEC, provides us with excellent control, accuracy and consistency. We use her to roast all of our small batch speciality coffee's and coffee blends. The unique advantage of this machine is its flexibility, meaning that the machine can adapt the roasting conditions to bring out the best flavour from each of type of coffee bean that we select.

Freshness is essential, so we batch roast daily to ensure that your coffee is always dispatched just days after roasting.