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BRITA Water Filters

Brita Water Filters

Brita StraplineBRITA filtered water is enjoyed by millions of people in households and businesses around the world every day.

Our professional filters reduce carbonate hardness and impurities from the water, producing cleaner, clearer, great tasting filtered water, which allows the natural aroma and flavour of beverages to fully develop.

From water experts for coffee experts

Whether classic coffee, fashionable or espresso specialities, coffee always consists of a high percentage of water and therefore the final taste is linked directly with it. BRITA Professional water filters help get optimal water for your coffee, which makes a significant difference to both taste and function of machines.

Your benefits from PURITY C

  • Optimum results
  • Protect your machine from limescale and gypsum desposits
  • Reduce the overal hardness of drinking water
  • The crema lasts longer
  • Consistently better tasting drinks made with optimum quality water
  • Measurable reduction in service and maintenance costs
  • Simple handling thanks to rapid-change-sysmte
  • 100% treated water including the blended water

Filtration stages

  • Pre-filtration - Removes large particles
  • Total hardness reduction - An ion exchanger reduces the content of carbonate hardness as well as non-carbonate hardness. It also prevents limescale and gypsum deposits
  • Activated carbon filtration - Reduces unpleasant tastes and odours
  • Fine filtration - Removes fine particles

IntelliBypass Technology

The one-of-a-kind IntelliBypass technology warrants consistently high water quality, especially also when the water flow rates are lower.

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Better for you, better for the environment Not only do BRITA water filters increase machine reliability, they are 100% recyclable too!

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